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Euramax Aludesign Competition

2014. | Roermond, Netherlands.
EURAMAX ALUDESIGN COMPETITION. by Euramax Coated Products          design Samuel Pinto         

The proposed design works almost like a manifesto, conceived to urban scale, which captures the massive scale of the building and questions its own strength and materiality, the graphical composition of the facade and its importance in the understanding of the public space, by proposing the design of huge holes in strategic locations. These holes suggest a new direction in the relationship that the building maintains with the street, changing the sense of their use and the perception of the urban landscape. Due to the size of the openings and itís almost impossible condition, the building also intends to assume itself as a "surrealist object", arousing the curiosity of pedestrians and passersby, and acting as a giant ad. One that says: "Do whatever you want with AluDesign. Everything is possible!"